1. How to install Dash Camera?

A: You can install the dash camera as shown in the following video.

  1. How do they work?

A: Dash cameras automatically start recording when they are powered on, and stop recording once the vehicle’s engine is turned off.

  1. I have turned on the dash camera but after a while the screen goes black.

A: The GoTrec dash cameras have a screensaver mode as default so that the light will not be a bother while driving at night and also to prolong the life of the screen. You can change the default option to keep the screen always on. Follow the instruction in the user manual.

  1. How do I know that the camera is recording?

A: There is a LED indicator flashing. (Even if the screen is black)

  1. Do I need to change the memory card when it is full?

A: GoTrec dash cameras has a loop recording feature which means that the camera will record until the memory card is full, then start to record any new video over the oldest files. This means that standard video clips won’t clog up space on the memory card, allowing the camera to continue recording for long periods of time without needing to remove old files from the memory card.

  1. How does G-Sensor work?

A: There are 3 levels for G-sensor mode 1) High level (very sensitive.), 2) Medium level ,3) Low level. When there is an impact to the vehicle (usually a collision), it will automatically lock the recording clip. We recommend setting the level at medium so that locked videos will not take up all the memory space quickly. In this way, only videos during real impacts are locked and saved.

  1. What size of memory card can I use?

A: The A1 PRO supports up to 64 GB, class 10.

   The GoTrec A1 Night and A1 Lite support up to 32 GB Micro-SD Card, class 10.

  1. What is the file used on the memory card?

A: .MOV for A1 Pro and A1 Night
    .MP4 for A1 Lite

  1. Can I switch between video mode and camera mode?

A: Press mode button and release instantly. The camera/video icon will appear at the top left corner on the screen.

  1. How do I copy a video from the dash camera to my phone?

A: Download the GoTrec application to your smartphone, connect to the dash cameras via Wi-Fi, then download the video to your phone for backup purposes.

  1. Is there product warranty?

A: GoTrec products are produced to high quality standards. All products have minimum 1 year warranty. Certain products up to 2 years.

  1. I lost my user manual. Do you have a copy online?

A: Yes, please download our GoTrec user manual here.

  1. Do I need to format the micro SD card?

A: It is strongly recommended to format the memory card at least every 2 months. This would help to ensure that the card is always functioning at its optimal condition.

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