Power Pack 138


  • Dimensions 136x81x20 mm. ,539 g.
  • Battery Type Use a special type of lithium battery to store the charge well. It helps increase the percentage of charging cycles higher than normal batteries
  • Input Micro USB 14V/1A ; 5V/1A
  • USB Output USB channel 5V/2.1A ; 5V/1A
  • CarJump Output 12V/400A – 600A
  • Protection System Overload protection and power surges while towing batteries for security
  • Power Size 13800 mAh/3.7V (51WH)
  • Cars Use jump starter on Gasoline Car Engine not more than 6000 cc or Diesel Car Engine not exceeding 3000 cc
  • 3-LED Flashlight Flashlight, Flashing light and Emergency light
  • Color Red,Black